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Website Under Contruction
We are giving our website a much needed facelift. There is limited information but I hope to complete it quickly. This is a labor of love for me rather than a strength. So scroll up and down, try the buttons, I'll get there! Feel free to contact me via email at

Welcome to Keniba Ridgebacks!  Our goal is to produce champion quality ridgebacks with family oriented temperaments that best represent the standards of the breed and that are free from evident and preventable health problems.  Our dogs have passed health screenings including but not limited to:  OFA Hips, Elbows, and Thyroid, Eyes CERFed.  Additionally we test for OFA Cardiac and screening for both EOAD (Early Onset of Adult Deafness) and DM (Degenerative Mylophathy) markers.  We are committed to ensuring in every way possible that our ridgebacks enjoy happy, healthy lives regardless of the forum, show ring or beloved companion.  As a long time member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback of the US, we endorse the RRCUS code of ethics and strive to go beyond their expectations.

  Fun with the dogs!
  1. Puppies
    What could be sweeter than a sleeping puppy?
  2. Daphne
    Our little brown nose is full of fun and thinks this website updating is for the birds!
  3. Competition
    More than just a dog show!