Welcome to Keniba Rhodesian Ridgebacks!  We have recently returned to the Hill Country of Texas (summer 2016) after living in coastal North Carolina (my home state) for almost ten years.  

With a busy and active family we don’t breed very often.  We are small hobby breeders and all dogs and puppies live in our home as family members.  Ridgebacks have been part of our family since 1998 when we added our beloved Sampson.  It’s not an uncommon story; we were looking for the perfect family pet but fell in love with a male show puppy.  With an open mind and a wonderful breeder/mentor we began an adventure that is still exciting and rewarding almost twenty years later.

As part of the Hound Group ridgebacks are independent thinkers and need firm but kind directions.  A well-mannered and properly socialized ridgeback is a pleasure to live with and will add an enormous amount of loving entertainment for many years. Ridgebacks are happiest in a well-rounded home.

Our ridgebacks are athletic and adventure-loving as well as laid back and lazy.  That’s what make them the perfect dog for us! Our dogs have enjoyed every kind of family activity: attending sporting events, traveling with us, trotting along next to a bike, or a good old-fashioned game of chase in the backyard.  Snuggling on the couch watching a good movie or helping me in the kitchen are also areas where they excel.  Whether you live in an apartment or home, your ridgeback will want to explore more than just an enclosed backyard. With this in mind we look for active homes looking for an integral addition to the family.  We encourage and support our owners to explore any activity  that their dogs show an aptitude for.  If you are competitive there are many events to explore and if you're not then there are still many alternative events you can enjoy with your ridgeback. Either way, you're getting the best dog on the planet!  

Our goal is to produce champion quality ridgebacks with family-oriented temperaments that best represent the standards of the breed and that are free from evident and preventable health problems.  Our dogs have passed health screenings including but not limited to:  OFA Hips, Elbows, and Thyroid, Eyes CERFed.  Additionally we test for OFA Cardiac and screening for both EOAD (Early Onset of Adult Deafness) and DM (Degenerative Mylophathy) markers.  We are committed to ensuring in every way possible that our ridgebacks enjoy happy, healthy lives regardless of the forum, show ring or beloved companion.  As a long time member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the US, we endorse the RRCUS code of ethics and strive to go beyond their expectations.

  Fun with the dogs!
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    What could be sweeter than a sleeping puppy?
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    Our little brown nose is full of fun and thinks this website updating is for the birds!
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