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Our goal at Keniba is to provide you with a loving, healthy companion and to offer a knowledgeable resource that will help guide you through puppyhood, into adulthood and throughout your ridgebacks life.

We don't breed very often and when we do the process is taken very seriously.  Pedigrees are thoroughly researched, health and genetic discussions take place and we often travel great distances to ensure we have chosen the right stud dog for our girls.  Temperament is of the utmost importance and we spend countless hours ensuring that our puppies are enabled with the skills to cope with the world around them.  You are not just buying a dog but a new family member.  With proper socialization and positive training you will have many years of loving, loyal companionship.

We breed with a waitlist in motion, sometimes long before the breeding takes place.  Prospective families are interviewed thoroughly so that we can place our pupies with the right family for them.  We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and rely on that information to further the discussion.  You are always encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support our puppies and their families.

Evaluating puppies begins at birth but the final evaluation may not be complete until the puppies are eight weeks old.  Some puppies are born with a minor flaw that immediately makes them pet only puppies.  An example of this is too much white or an offset crown.  We only show the puppies with the most outstanding potential, usually one or two per litter. We often place show quality puppies in pet only homes.  Having exceptional dogs with the Keniba prefix in the ring is essential to continuing our breeding program but foremost consideration is quality of life for all our dogs.

Puppies are born in our bedroom where they are watched over carefully for about the first three weeks.  We perform early neurological stimulation beginning the third day of life through the sixteenth day.  The puppies are also cuddled, moved around and generally loved during their time in the whelping box.  Between four and five weeks they are moved into the middle of our busy household where they continue to be the center of attention.  They have apropriate toys, a kennel, several beds, a potty area as well as an area for play.  Mom is also given free access to the pups.  The great outdoors is introduced during this time period as well.  The puppies spend time with all the other pack members who each bring something interesting to teach them.  By the time they reach eight weeks they are well equipped to be part of their new pack.

"Preservation is the idea, not innovation
" - Molly Martin, MasterBreeder

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